The Tale – Jennifer Fox’s own story – an acclaimed film (and a message for MiniMeToo)

The Tale
A must-see movie about childhood abuse, based on director Jennifer Fox’ own story

The Tale: Jennifer Fox’s gripping depiction of her own story


A painstaking and heart-rending exploration of facts and the fiction that a victim’s mind creates as portend to survival – this film is a gut-wrenching self-examination of the stories we create in order to protect ourselves from the potential wreckage that lies dormant inside the victims of abuse.  

The Tale features a sterling Hollywood cast with Laura Dern (supported by Ellen Burstyn [Requiem for a dream, The Exorcist]) as the adult character Jenny forced to re-evaluate the first “relationship” she had with an adult man, who along with an enabler groomed and engaged in a sexual relationship with her when she was a mere 13 years old.

It is beautifully written and directed by renowned filmmaker Jennifer Fox, and the true story of her own experiences, which took years to find backing and overcome opposition in a film industry that would since be rattled by the #MeToo campaign.

Fortunately, Ms. Fox was a survivor twice over- she persisted and finally found the backing needed – the result is a very hard-hitting masterpiece that is easily the greatest story Hollywood didn’t want to touch.

You can find The Tale on DStv’s Showmax or Catch Up.

View the trailer here:


The Tale's Jennifer Fox speaks to Women & Men Against Child Abuse

Jennifer Fox spoke to WMACA after The Tale's launch with a message for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.#MiniMeToo #CourageousConversations

Posted by Women and Men Against Child Abuse on Wednesday, 8 August 2018




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